Long time no see!

As you may have noticed, my site haven't been updated for almost 3 years! This could results from that I have been busy with a lot things, such as exams, final thesis, plus that I'm running out of ideas. But now, I'm in a relatively free period and I want to keep my blog from being abandonded.

My future blogs will mainly be my notes that explain my understanding of things I have learned.

I have now switched my blog engine from Hexo to my own one, Noteblog, in order to obtain more freedom of site design. Although generally speaking Hexo is an easy-to-use blog framework, it has some flaws that are intolerable for me. It doesn't take care of mathematical expressions in markdown file forces me to escape any Mathjax characters like _ and \\ that conflict with markdown, which was a pain. Another problem is any file - including non-markdown files like html and js, will be processed by the markdown renderer, even if I have added them to the exclude list. This is actually a bug, and haven't been fixed before I pausing updating my blog.

Posts from my old blog can be found under the category Old blog, I have editted their layout so they conform to the new blog framework.

Mathjax test

Following is a test equation that contains special characters in markdown:

    No result found.